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You can ask any business to provide proof of basic liability specialist insurance coverage. Any business that is not going to provide proof of general liability (GL) insurance coverage should be avoided. A minimum standard for GL insurance is $1 million for property work and $2 million for light business.

There are other techniques for looking into a/c, heating and ventilation companies such as: call your local Better Business Bereau (BBB), perform online searches and reviews and ask the business in concern for references. Nevertheless, all these techniques fall short of detailed transparency. The BBB actually works for the business it represents as they are only rated if the business in question pays them a recurring charge. Online review websites hardly ever show all of the evaluations got, and post evaluations from sources that are not constantly reliable. This provides a platform for business to post their own evaluations and individuals to quickly publish evaluations without the business in question's capability to expertly resolve the concern. In addition, no business would give out a negative referral; only those that are exceptionally favorable. None of these are ideal dynamics for customers looking for entirely unbiased evaluations and referrals. It is advised to use these techniques as an educated customer and think about the information source for exactly what it deserves.

Among the very best ways to discover a new cooling, heating and ventilation professional is by means of the "word-of-mouth" technique. If the business advised was inexpensive, professional and dependable for a friend or relative, there is a great possibility that business will do the exact same for you. Great companies use the word-of-mouth method to constantly offer a brand-new consumer stream by keeping their customers delighted.

Other conventional techniques for finding a new a/c, heating and ventilation professional include performing online searches, telephone directory directory sites or online directory sites and other advertisement mediums. Keep in mind that of these techniques are purchased and spent for by the business in concern. None of these methods must work as a testimonial and needs to be used only as finding sources.

3rd celebration suppliers such as Angie's list, Discover Regional and other online companies are the newest platforms for sourcing and ranking cooling, heating and ventilating companies. Although these companies do supply a service with some merit, they are, in fact, including expense to the consumer. Angie's List, along with some other online service directories, charge the customer straight for their scores and companies' contact information. Other third-party sites supply customers with air conditioning, heating and ventilation business and include the expense of being a middle-man to business equation. Bear in mind that none of these are "complimentary" which consumers need to understand the cost and worth of using entities like these.

Several estimates are advise when hiring an air conditioning and heating specialist. There are no industry requirements for prices HEATING AND COOLING associated service or items. Similar tasks can vary thousands of dollars from one company to the next. A minimum of three quotes is suggested prior to the repair work or replacement of any major a/c and or heater part and before the style and setup of brand-new systems.

A second viewpoint can be of value if the repair or replacement is costly. Not all specialists or companies are equivalent or respectable. Fixing cooling and heating unit is extremely intricate. It is not uncommon for a repair technician to be not able to separate the issue or for a representative to advise an unnecessary purchases. Contacting a competing cooling and heating business can save money and time and remorse.

Winter & Fall cartoon

Frequently Asked Questions:

Help With Sea Sickness?
I Want To Go To Florida With My Grandparents This Spring Break. They Have A Big Yacht That I Would Stay And Sleep On, Which I Love, But I Get Seasick. Its Been Pretty Horrible In Previous Visits To Them (Throwing Up, Pain, All That), But I Really Want To Go With Them! I Know There Are Seasickness Pills, But Don'T They Make You Drowsy? Any Tips Would Be Greatly Appreciated(: Thanks!

Over-the-counter and prescription medications such as dramamine, scopolamine and promethazine (as trans-dermal patches and tablets) are readily available. As these medications often have side effects, anyone involved in high-risk activities while at sea (such as SCUBA divers) must evaluate the risks versus the benefits. Promethazine is especially known to cause drowsiness, which is often counteracted by ephedrine in a combination known as "the Coast Guard cocktail."

Ginger capsules are also considered effective in preventing motion sickness. Some sufferers find that wearing special wristbands helps stave off the condition.

Those suffering from seasickness who are unaccustomed to the motion of a ship often find relief by:

keeping their mind occupied

taking anti-seasickness/nausea capsules

keeping their eyes directed to the fixed shore or horizon, where possible

lying down on their backs and closing their eyes

drinking any substance that is likely to temporarily diminish their senses of sight and touch
using THC (see Medical cannabis) or narcotics, which act through neural suppression, thus diminishing the all of the senses, and directly reducing the feeling of nausea (unfortunately, judgement may also be influenced).

move into a position where fresh air is blowing on their face

sucking on crystallised ginger, sipping ginger tea or taking a capsule of ginger.

moving to the boat's centre of gravity to eliminate motion due to translation (but not pitch, roll and yaw): see SS Bessemer.

taking the helm of a yacht can reduce sickness as the sufferer has something to concentrate on, and can also anticipate the movement of the vessel

Where Are The New 2008 Florida Air Conditioning Rebates On-Line?

Florida has no public-purpose-funded energy efficiency programs.

What utility energy efficiency programs are available to me?
Florida Power and Light offers the following opportunities:

Prescriptive Rebates are available for energy-efficient equipment including lighting, air conditioning, chillers, thermal storage, insulation, reflective roofing, and other measures.
Free Business Energy Evaluations are also offered, providing comprehensive analysis of facility energy use and recommendations for cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.
The Business Custom Incentive Program rewards innovations that trim at least 25 kW from peak demand. To qualify for a business custom incentive, the project must differ from other FPL conservation programs and be approved by FPL in advance.
Progress Energy offers the following energy efficiency services:

Incentives are available for the replacement of existing HVAC, motors, lighting, roofs, roof and ceiling insulation, ducts, and window films with products that meet specified energy efficiency standards. The utility also subsidizes the installation of energy recovery ventilators in cases where a Progress auditor recommends them. In addition to these product incentives, the company provides cost-shared services such as rooftop unit re-commissioning, duct testing, and PTAC/PTHP steam-cleaning when its walk-through audits suggest these measures.
New construction (PDF 76 KB, 2 pp) projects that use similar high-efficiency technologies may also qualify for incentives.
Tampa Electric Company (TECO) offers rebates for energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning. TECO also offers free basic energy audits and low-cost comprehensive energy audits to evaluate facility energy use and opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.

Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) offers free energy audits and low-cost detailed engineering evaluations to its commercial and industrial customers.

What load management/demand response options are available to me?
Tampa Electric Company offers several load management programs:

The Conservation Value Program provides rebates up to $200/kW for equipment that shifts or reduces energy use during summer cooling periods and/or winter heating periods. Measures providing as little as 5 kW are eligible.
The Load Management Program offers customers credits on their bills for allowing Tampa Electric to control operation of air conditioning or specialized equipment during peak demand periods.
The Standby Generator Program provides customers with credits on their electric bill (@ $3/kW) for the portion of the normal facility load that can be served by a standby generator within 30 minutes' notice during peak demand periods.
Florida Power and Light offers its Commercial/Industrial Demand Reduction program, in which customers that demonstrate the ability to shed at least 200 kW can receive substantial monthly credits by allowing FP&L to install direct load control devices on assorted equipment (including generators) following a free audit from the company. Advance notice of control events is provided to the customer.

FP&L also provides a set of Curtailable Service rates, in which customers agreeing to shed a "non-firm" portion of demand of 200 kW or greater "from time to time" are remunerated at $1.56 per kW each month of the year. There are penalties for non-compliance with curtailment requests.

Progress Energy offers several discounted Load Management and Curtailable Service (PDF 72 KB, 2 pp) rates for customers that can shed load upon request. The Load Management options involve direct load control of electrical equipment (e.g., packaged air conditioners) by the company. The more attractive Curtailable Service options require a 25% curtailment (minimum 500 kW). Download Adobe Reader.

What distributed energy resource options are available to me?
The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) provides information on programs that offer incentives for renewable distributed generation. The following programs may of interest to federal customers:

Florida's Department of Environmental Protection administers the Solar Energy System Incentives Program, in which commercial installations of solar water heating ($15/1,000 Btu) or PV systems ($4/watt-DC) are eligible for rebates of up to $5,000 for water heating and $100,000 for PV.
Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) offers its Solar Incentive Program to commercial customers who install or repair solar hot water systems. Incentives range up to 30% of the total cost, with a maximum of $5,000 per new installation and $500 for repair of an existing one.
Are there energy efficiency programs sponsored by the state government?
For information on state-funded energy efficiency options, contact the Florida Energy Office.

What additional opportunities are available to me?
Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), a state-supported research and training center for renewable energy and energy efficiency, offers a variety of resources and services, primarily focused on passive design principles and solar energy, to builders and consumers.

Federal customers also have opportunities to pursue energy-efficiency projects with utilities (e.g., AGL Resources, Gulf Power, Okaloosa County Gas, Peoples Gas, Tampa Electric, and Florida Power & Light) that have area-wide contracts with GSA and, by extension, all other federal agencies. Federal facilities should contact their account executive to determine the level of participation by their local utility.

Should We Buy This House?
My Husband And I Are First Time Home-Buyers. We Have Looked And Looked In Our Area And Keep Coming Back To This Cute Little Historic Fixer Upper. It Is A 1920S Bungalow That Is In Livable Condition, But Could Really Use Some Upgrades And General Updates. Here Is A Link To Some Pics... Http://Ella.Slis.Indiana.Edu/~Jarodger/Housepics/House.Html The House Is Offered For Sale Through A Historic Preservation Society In Our Area, So They Want Us To Restore The Exterior By Fixing Up The Porch (We Have The Option Of Keeping The 1950S Limestone Style Porch, Or Going Back To The 1920S Style Wood Porch), And Pulling Off The Aluminum Siding And Repairing/Painting The Wood Siding Underneith. In Additon To These Required Renovations From The Historic Society, It Also Needs Some Work On The Interior...Electic And Plumbing Need Updated And Repaired, Bathroom Needs To Be Completely Updated, And They Have A Converted Attic That Could Really Use A Serious Facelift. But, The House Has A New Roof, New Furnace And Central Air, All Brand New Appliances. It Is Structurally Sound And Has A Lot Of The Original Wood Fixtures Like Windowsills, Original Wood Floors, Trim, Etc. Oh, And It Has A Nice Sized Yard And Is Located In A Designated &Quot;Neighborhood&Quot; In A College Town, About A 10 Minute Drive From The College Campus. Its Priced At 75,000 And With A 203K Loan, We Can Take Out Up To 35,000 For Repairs And Renovations, But We Don'T Think We Will Need That Much To Get It Started. We Are Thinking More Like $20,000. It'S Had An Inspection Already...We Will Do Another One, Of Course, But All Of The Issues That Were Uncovered Were Fairly Minor. We Like The House. We Love The Location. But We Are Scared! What Should We Do??

It is a big step so naturally you will become "scared" as a first time home buyer.

Most old homes are "money pits". As long as you have had your own inspector do a detailed audit (with true cost estimates) and have done a thorough title seach then the major consideration should be the historic designation.

This will always influence your ownership, from paint color to add ons. Sheds, lanscaping, fences, etc. will always have to go through an approval process... some may take months. You will have to bring it up to current codes, which can far exceed expectations (especially if the electrical hasn't been completely upgraded)... many also forget to include permit fees which can be exhorbident at best, so covering your mortgage debt AND all upgrade costs can stress a less than stellar income. Also, intensive and prolonged renovations are notorious for breaking up relationships, so be sure that you are both soundly and equally dedicated to this project and its timeline.

There is more of a financial burden with "diligent upkeep to within expected standards", and accountability to others, so if you have any kind of "authority issues" or your disposable income going into the future is limited, then it may not be for you.

It will be a much simpler, less stressful life if you let this one go to a devoted renovator instead. Your first house will be a learning experience with many unexpected issues... I wish you well.

Where Can I Buy Vacuum Pump And Gauges For Car Air Conditioning Repair In Hamilton Ontario?
I Want To Do My Car Air Conditiomg Repair Myself And I Want To Get All The Tools I Need Like Manifold Gauges Vacuum Pump And Freon I Am In Hamilton Ontario What Store Does Sell These Stuff?

I suggest you call a local HVAC company and ask them where the nearest supply house is. Why would they steer you in the wrong direction. The supply houses would sell everything you need.
Make sure you get the automotive access hookups. Like this:

Some websites to check out:

When Was Air Condtion Invented And When Was It That Average People Had The A/C In There Homes And Cars?

In 1902 the first modern electrical air conditioning was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier. Designed to improve manufacturing process control in a printing plant, his invention controlled not only temperature but also humidity. The low heat and humidity were to help maintain consistent paper dimensions and ink alignment. Later, Carrier's technology was applied to increase productivity in the workplace, and The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America was formed to meet the rising demand. Over time air conditioning came to be used to improve comfort in homes and automobiles. Residential sales expanded dramatically in the 1950s.


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