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You can ask any business to supply evidence of basic liability professional insurance coverage. Any company that is not going to supply evidence of general liability (GL) insurance need to be avoided. A minimum basic for GL insurance is $1 million for domestic work and $2 million for light commercial.

There are other approaches for looking into cooling, heating and ventilation business such as: call your local Better Business Bereau (BBB), perform online searches and reviews and ask the company in question for referrals. However, all of these approaches fall brief of thorough openness. The BBB in fact works for the companies it represents as they are just rated if the company in question pays them a repeating cost. Online review sites rarely display all of the evaluations received, and post reviews from sources that are not constantly credible. This supplies a platform for business to post their own evaluations and people to quickly post evaluations without the business in concern's capability to professionally fix the concern. Additionally, no business would give out a negative recommendation; only those that are exceptionally favorable. None of these are ideal characteristics for customers seeking completely impartial evaluations and recommendations. It is advised to utilize these methods as an educated consumer and consider the details source for what it is worth.

Among the very best methods to discover a new cooling, heating and ventilation contractor is by means of the "word-of-mouth" approach. If the business recommended was affordable, professional and trusted for a pal or relative, there is a likelihood that business will do the same for you. Good companies utilize the word-of-mouth method to continuously supply a brand-new client stream by keeping their consumers delighted.

Other traditional methods for discovering a new a/c, heating and ventilation contractor consist of performing online searches, telephone directory directories or online directory sites and other advertisement mediums. Remember that of these methods are bought and paid for by the business in concern. None of these methods must work as a review and needs to be used only as locating sources.

Third party providers such as Angie's list, Discover Regional and other online business are the newest platforms for sourcing and score cooling, heating and aerating companies. Although these companies do offer a service with some benefit, they are, in truth, adding cost to the customer. Angie's List, in addition to some other online service directories, charge the customer straight for their scores and business' contact details. Other third-party sites provide consumers with air conditioning, heating and ventilation companies and add the expense of being a middle-man to business formula. Bear in mind that none of these are "complimentary" which consumers must comprehend the cost and value of utilizing entities like these.

Several price quotes are recommend when working with an a/c and heating professional. There are no market standards for prices HVAC associated service or products. Comparable jobs can differ countless dollars from one company to the next. A minimum of 3 price quotes is suggested prior to the repair or replacement of any significant cooling and or heater component and prior to the style and installation of new systems.

A second viewpoint can be of value if the repair work or replacement is expensive. Not all specialists or business are equal or respectable. Fixing cooling and heating unit is extremely complex. It is not uncommon for a repair work specialist to be not able to separate the problem or for a representative to advise an unneeded purchases. Contacting a contending a/c and heating company can conserve money and time and regret.

No heat call blowing cold air

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can I Send?
I Have A Friend Who Is Overseas In Iraq At The Moment. I Am A Little Lost On Things To Send Him: I Know The Necessities And His Wife Has Pretty Much Handled That.... But I Just Need To Know If Anyone Knows What Things Cannot Be Sent? I Know That Anything Containing Alcohol He Cannot Get: Like Antibacterial Things As Well As Anything Perishable... But Is There Anything Else He Cannot Receive? Thank You In Advance!

Looks like you have a list of what not to send so here are some things that you can send:


Beef Jerky / Slim Jims
COFFEE (Ground or whole; instant or drip), Hot Chocolate packets, Herbal teas
Instant Drink Mixes (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)
Pumpkin Seeds / Sunflower Seeds (salted)
Tuna in foil pouches (no cans)
Protein Powders / Protein Bars / Cliff Bars
*NO CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS from MARCH to OCTOBER (it will melt in high temperatures!) except M&M's
Hard Pretzels / Cheetos / Fritos / Chex Mix / Wheat Thins
Gum and Hard Candy (individually wrapped)
Granola Bars / Power Bars / Cereal Bars
Small Packs of Fig Newtons, Oreos, Cheese-Its
Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, Granola, Fruit Roll-Ups / Fruit By The Foot / Fruit Gummies
DRY SOUP: (Ramen Noodles / Cup-O-Soup: just add water)
NUTS: Peanuts, Mixed Nuts (salted)
MICROWAVE FOOD (Popcorn, Chef-Boy-R-Dee, Mac'n'Cheese...)
COOKIES / Girl Scout Cookies (with chocolate: Oct. - Feb. only!)
Cheese & Cracker packs
Condiments, Spices; Sugar; Salad Dressing (no glass jars)
Oatmeal Packs (Instant: just add water)
Cereal (Small, individual boxes)
Rice Krispie Treats (Store-bought only)
Caffeinated gum or candy (to stay alert)

(Note: Some troops have allergies & need Brand Name toiletries which list all ingredients. The military issues toiletries to our troops, however troops often miss their favorite brand of shampoo or soap.)

Baby wipes (travel size)
Liquid Hand Sanitizer (travel size)
Body Wash, Liquid Soap, Facial Cleanser
Shampoo /Conditioner (travel size)
Hair Gel (for female troops to pull hair back)
Combs / Brushes, Bobby Pins
Eye Drops (i.e. Visine)
Nasal Spray
Deodorant (travel size)
Razors (disposable: "Intuition" or "Mach 3" type)
Shaving Cream / Shaving Soap (in boxes or tubes; NO CANS of Shaving Cream, please!)
Cotton Swabs (i.e. Q-tips)
Band-aids, Gauze Pads, First Aid Kits
Lip balm / Chap Stick
Baby Powder & Foot Powder (travel size)
Loufa Sponges / Buff Puffs / Washcloths
Tissues (individual packs; travel size only)
Sunblock, SPF 45, Zinc, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel
Hand & Body Lotion / Moisturizer (travel size)
Mouthwash (travel size)
Toothpaste & Toothbrushes & Dental Floss
Breath Mints / Breath Strips
Lozenges / Cough Drops
Nail files / Emery Boards / Nail Clippers
Cotton Balls
Tylenol, Motrin, Advil or Aspirin Packets
Shoe Insole Cushions (gel kind is best)


Batteries: “AA” "AAA" and “C” are the most requested
DVD Movies (new or used)
Xbox Games (new or used)
PS2 Games (new or used)
Music CDs (new or used)
Portable CD players / head phones
Small homemade gifts - little comforts of "home"
Pens & mechanical pencils
Stationery & Envelopes; blank cards to send home
Double-sided tape
Day planners / Small, Pocket Calendars
Crossword Puzzles / Word Search Books / Math Puzzle books / MAD LIBS / Logic Problems / Sudoku
Paperback Books
Yo-Yo's, Dominoes, playing cards, poker chips, dice
Board games (UNO, Othello, checkers - travel size is great, too!)
Nerf footballs / Whiffle balls / Mitts / Sports equipment
Frisbees / Hackey sacks
Electronic handheld games
35 mm disposable cameras


Linens: Pillow cases, twin sheets, towels (green & tan)
T-Shirts: Cotton green & tan under shirts (Sizes: M, L & XL)
[Note: The DOD banned "Under-Armor" shirts due to its material being potentially flammable & bad reactions to open wounds.]
Laundry Detergent:
Small Flashlights (battery operated) there is a new kind of flashlight that only requires that you shake it to make it work
Air Fresheners
Socks: Black, Olive Green & White (cotton or wool)
Patriotic knick-knacks, USA flags, flags from your state, bandanas, baseball hats, football jerseys, banners.
Small alarm clocks (battery operated)
K-9 items: Dog treats & toys, dog shampoo, flea collars
Generic sunglasses they use LOTS of sunglasses they don't last long in the sand
Duct tape, small tool kits, dust masks, carpentry tools
Fly swatters, fly paper, mosquito netting, bug repellant in plastic pump bottles only (NO AEROSOL CANS, PLEASE!)
Small toys & school supplies for Iraqi & Afghani children
Small portable heaters & fans (110 voltage okay)
Coffee Makers (110 voltage okay) & coffee filters!
Microwave Ovens (55 lbs max; 110 voltage okay)


CARDS & LETTERS - The troops love to hear from all of us - Mail brightens their days! These are the MOST IMPORTANT items we can send the troops & we can never have too many, so please keep writing! Consider making a patriotic banner or poster to send in one of our care packages!

Note: Our troops do not need stamps as they're in war zones & may send mail home to their loved ones at no charge.

There are more items you can send too if you need to know more things let me know...

Good luck and God Bless!!


2001 Eclipse Air Conditioning Problem?
I Have A 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse With The 3.0 Engine Has About 146,000 Miles On It. I Don'T Know What Its Deal Is But Last Year And The Year Before I Noticed The Air Would Work If I Started Using It As Soon As I Started My Car If The Car Got Warmed Up The Air Wouldn'T Work Until The Car Cooled Down So It Wasn'T That Bad Cause I Would Just Turn It On First Thing When I Started Driving For The Day. But This Year Its Gotten Worse Usually On My Way To Work In The Morning It Works Fine All The Way Here Which Is About 5:30 In The Morning ( When Its Cool Outside) And When I Get Ready To Go Home Sometimes I Get In My Car And It Won'T Even Come On But Like Yesterday It Did Come On When I Got In My Car I Used The Air For Probably About 15 Min And Then It Just Kicks Off. When It Is Working Tho It Is Nice And Cold And I Know It Is Charged Cause I Bought A Tester And Everything And It Was In The Average Area. Now This Is What It Does For Any Of You Familiar With These Cars In Order To Turn On The Air You Actually Push The Button In That Changes The Blower And When You Push It In The Light Changes Colors It Goes From Orange To Green ( Green Meaning The Air Is On) Well Mine Like I Said Will Come On Sometimes And Then When It Kicks Off The Light Will Blink Orange And Green I Am Thinking It Is Telling Me There Is Something Wrong But I Don'T Know What It Would Be. I Have Never Noticed Near As Much In Other Cars How Much Drag The Pump Puts On The Motor But This Car Is Terrible It Really Puts A Drag On It Like If I Am Just Going Down The Interstate At Like 65-80 Mph And I Can Feel The Car Kinda Gain Power Then Loose It Really Quickly As If The Ac Pump Kicks Off For About 5 Sec Then Kicks Back On. And It Is A Big Turd Power Wise If The Air Is Running. If Anyone Else Has Or Had This Problem Plz Help.

You have a leak in the system. You should have cold air out of the dash vents at around 40 degrees. Have the system recharged with 134a and have dye added. This will help a mechanic locate the leak next time the AC quits putting out cold air. You may be damaging the AC compressor running it with the warning light flashing. Go to the dealer and have it looked at. An hour labor plus the refrigerant.

What Good Is The Police Force?
My Sister-In-Law Died Last Fall. My Husband And I Are Both Disabled And My Brother-In-Law Lives In Another State And Is Also Disabled. My Husband And I Have Been Attempting To Clean Out The House She Lived In And The Little House In The Back. But It Is Taking Us A Very Long Time Because She Was A Hoarder And Left Everything Piled Up To The Ceiling. We Have Had Several Break-Ins. They Broke In The First Time And Stole About $9,000 Worth Of Electrical And Hand Tools. We Reported It But We Were Both Very Ill And Could Not Wait For The Police Officer To Show Up. We Also Live Out Of Town. We Boarded Up The Back Door With Boards To Keep Them From Coming In. A Few Weeks Later We Returned To Get More Things Cleaned Out And The Thief Broke Into The House Again, Breaking Through The Boards. We Contacted The Police And They Came And Looked Around. They Wanted To Know What Was Missing We Told Them About The Tools (Told Them My Sister-In-Laws Name Was Engraved On Almost Every Tool She Owned), Two Brand New Nu-Wave Ovens Still In The Boxes, Several Antique Dishes, A Bread Maker, And Gave Him The Full List. He Wrote Everything Down. The People Had Dead Bolted The Front Door And Piled Garbage On It So We Could Not Get In Through The Front Door But Had To Crawl Through The Back Door Between The Boards. A Few Weeks Later We Had Another Break-In, This Time They Ripped Out Two Air Conditioners From The Windows From The Outside And Took Several Plastic Vats Of Items We Had Put Together For A Sale. They Removed Two Drawers From A Jewelry Box And Some Jewelry And Left One Of The Plastic Bins We Had Filled Up With Items In The Back Yard For Them To Pick Up Later. Again They Dead Bolted The Door And Also Stole Several Items From The Little House. We Again Reported This To The Police And They Arrived. The Police Said They Would Watch The House And Come By Every 30 To 45 Minutes But All They Did Was Drive By. We Left The Lights On In The House In Hopes This Would Keep Them Out But It Didn'T. Left A Note On The Doors Telling The Thief The Police Had Been Notified And Fingerprints Were Taken And When They Got Arrested We Would See Them In Court But This Didn'T Stop Them. When We Returned They Had Stolen Our Two Fans We Brought To Use To Keep The Air Circulating, Several Nick-Knacks, And An Electrical Lift Chair. We Called The Police Again. When He Arrived He Asked Us How &Quot;We&Quot; Thought They Got Into The House. Our Son Told Him Through The Window And Showed Him. He Said, &Quot;Yes, Looks Like That Is How They Got In.&Quot; Then Wanted To Know How They Got The Chair Out Of The House. We Said Through The Front Door Apparently Since It Was The Only Door Big Enough For The Chair To Fit Through. We Asked Him If He Was Going To Take Fingerprints Or Find Out Who Was Doing This. This Is What He Told Us, &Quot;Well, My Hands Are Tied Unless You Know Who Is Stealing Your Things.&Quot; And I Am Standing There Thinking To Myself, &Quot;Do What? Isn'T That Your Job?&Quot; My Son Told Him If We Knew Who Was Stealing From The Houses We Wouldn'T Have To Contact The Police. I Am Really Aggravated Right Now. I Thought It Was The Responsibility Of The Police Department To Protect And Serve The Public, Not Let Thieves Get Away With Whatever They Want. And Since When It Is Our Responsibility To Find Out Who The Thieves Are? I Can Think Of Several Violations These Thieves Are Committing Including, Breaking And Entering, Invasion Of Private Property, Theft, Destruction Of Property, But Nothing Is Being Done. Why? Do We Not Have Any Rights At All?

Solution On eBay you can buy mini camera that hide well that's snaps pic when something moves because these ones are equipped with motion sense detection so you can hide it any where and when the thief's come back it will secretly snap multiple pics of him in action he is busted call that same officer out and show him the pictures of the suspect he will likely need the images for prosecution so get em printed up. This way it marks the date time stamp on the image and the officer will have no excuse not to do his job if that should be the case either way these came run from $10 to $20 as I've Seen them offten at that price a cheap way to catch a their not all of them have motion detection so look for that Future

Who Installs Heating And Air Conditioning Systems Useing The Ground Temperature?
I Want To Install A Heating And Airconditioning System That Uses The Temperature Of The Ground Or Water.

try They used such a system in the e-House. Somewhere in New York state

Does A Playstation 4 Controller Have Air Conditioning? No Hate Because Totally Forgot About This Sh!!T Way Before The **** Came.?
While I Was In My Jr Year In Hs, This Guy Name Matt Of Whom Nobody Likes Bcuz He Always Brag About He Always Better Than Every1. So 1 Day You Know A Year B4 The Ps4 Came Out, Me, Matt, &Amp; 2 Other Friends Was Talking About The Features Of The Ps4 (Mind U That The Teacher Was Listening) So Matt The F--King Retard Gone Say At 1 Point &Quot;They Said That The Ps4 Controllers Gonna Have Air Conditioning.&Quot; Me &Amp; My 2 Other Friends Starting Laughing Cuz It Sounded Stupid That I Laughed So F--Kin Hard That My Stomach Started To Cramp Up. I Was Bout To Say Something But The Teacher Beat Me To The Punch &Quot;Now That Sounds Stuupid.&Quot; The Teacher Had Said While I Was Laughing So Hard. Then I Forgot What Happened Afterwards &Amp; I Didnt Even Buy A Ps4 When It Came Out Too.

No controller has "air conditioning."

At one point, MadCatz tried releasing a line of controllers that had fans inside, which were designed to keep your hands cooler while you played (so they didn't get slippery and sweaty.)

Not only didn't the fans help but the controllers didn't even work properly with the consoles.

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