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You can ask any business to provide evidence of basic liability specialist insurance. Any business that is not happy to provide proof of general liability (GL) insurance ought to be avoided. A minimum standard for GL insurance coverage is $1 million for domestic work and $2 million for light business.

There are other techniques for researching cooling, heating and ventilation business such as: contact your local Better Business Bereau (BBB), carry out online searches and evaluations and ask the company in question for recommendations. However, all these approaches disappoint extensive openness. The BBB really works for the business it represents as they are only ranked if the business in concern pays them a repeating charge. Online review sites hardly ever show all the reviews got, and post reviews from sources that are not constantly reputable. This provides a platform for companies to publish their own evaluations and people to hastily publish reviews without the company in question's ability to professionally fix the concern. In addition, no company would give out an unfavorable recommendation; only those that are incredibly positive. None of these are perfect characteristics for customers seeking completely unbiased evaluations and references. It is recommended to utilize these methods as an informed customer and consider the information source for what it deserves.

One of the best ways to discover a new air conditioning, heating and ventilation specialist is through the "word-of-mouth" method. If the company recommended was budget-friendly, expert and reliable for a pal or relative, there is an excellent chance that company will do the very same for you. Excellent business use the word-of-mouth method to continually offer a new customer stream by keeping their consumers pleased.

Other traditional methods for finding a brand-new cooling, heating and ventilation specialist include performing online searches, phonebook directories or online directory sites and other ad mediums. Bear in mind that all of these techniques are purchased and spent for by the business in question. None of these methods must serve as a testimonial and needs to be used just as finding sources.

3rd party providers such as Angie's list, Find Regional and other online business are the newest platforms for sourcing and rating cooling, heating and ventilating business. Although these companies do supply a service with some merit, they are, in truth, adding cost to the customer. Angie's List, along with some other online service directory sites, charge the consumer straight for their ratings and business' contact details. Other third-party sites provide consumers with cooling, heating and ventilation business and include the expense of being a middle-man to the service equation. Remember that none of these are "free" which consumers need to understand the expense and value of utilizing entities like these.

Multiple price quotes are advise when hiring a cooling and heating specialist. There are no industry requirements for rates HEATING AND COOLING related product or service. Similar tasks can vary thousands of dollars from one business to the next. A minimum of three quotes is suggested prior to the repair or replacement of any major a/c and or heating system element and prior to the style and installation of new systems.

A 2nd viewpoint can be of value if the repair work or replacement is pricey. Not all service technicians or companies are equivalent or trusted. Repairing cooling and heating systems is exceptionally intricate. It is not uncommon for a repair technician to be unable to separate the problem or for a representative to recommend an unneeded purchases. Calling a contending air conditioning and heating company can save time and loan and remorse.

Joule Thief- self oscillating voltage booster low voltage to high voltage

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Your Home Heating Unit (Forced Air Oil Heater) Control/Work With Your Central Air Conditioner?
We'Re Having Some Problems Cooling Our House. My Husband Says It'S Because We Need A New Heater Unit (Forced Air Oil Heater) And It'S Not Blowing The Air. I Say It'S Becuase We Need To Reposition Ducts That Were Covered Or Disconnected When We Redid The Kitchen And The House Is So Hot Because The Sun Beats In The Sliding Glass Doors All Afternoon And The Only Working Vent Comes Out Behind The Stove And Then The Hot Air Goes All Through The House And The Remaining Working Vents (3) Can'T Keep The House Cool (It'S A Small House, But There Should Be 6-10 Working Vents). He Says Air Should Be Blowing Quite Rapidly Out The Vents. I'Ve Never Experienced A Central Air System Where Air Came Flying Out The Vents, It Usually Slowly Flows Out. I Know We Need To Replace Our Heater By Winter, But I Think A Set Of Blinds For The Window And Fixing The Ducts And Vents Is The Answer For Now (And Cheaper, Too!). Can Anyone Give Me An Opinion From A Heating/Air Conditioning Professional Standpoint?

FIx the duct work!!!! I am a HVAC instructor. Wihout proper airflow you are wasting money and your time. Fan speed has nothing to do with it, if the ductwork is not properly sized or hooked up. Different areas of the country use different fan speeds. In hotter climates, the fan is on high speed. Air conditioning does two things 1. remove heat from the house 2. remove humidity from the house. Fixing the ductwork and putting up shades on your windows is the best route to take.

All rooms should have operating vents- period!!!! If you do not remove the heat from the room, it will travel to the next room & then the next room and so on. If you do not have operable vents in all room, do not even use the A/C until you do- you are just wasting time and money. Think of you house like a steamship. You want to keep you ballist tanks (rooms in your house) balanced. If you do that the ship will float (house will be cool). If one tank is too full (room too hot) then the ship strugles to keep up steam (higher electric bills). If too many of these tanks fill up (rooms too hot) then the ship will sink TITANIC ( your house). Make sense?

You need to ask yourself a couple qestions before you replace your units & fix your ductwork.
1. Did you add square footage to the house when you remodeled? If you did - a big increase in the square footage could mean that your current system may be too small to keep your home comfortable. .
2. Did the system cool the house before the remodel? If it did then you have a duct problem or leakage problem. Have the ducts repaired and sealed, clean you ducts if possible ( construction dust, attic dirt & bug droppings could be in your ducts now, that means your are breathing it), have your coil cleaned also (if the coil is dirty then you are losing the efficency of you cooling & the unit is working harder to provide less cooling).
3. Are your vents near the outside walls? If they are great, you want to develop an envelope around the house, so as heat comes in it is betten back by the cool air. If not - get high velocity type registers to blow the air out to the outside walls, once again you want to push the heat back before it gets too far into the house.
4. Before you change your unit - Do you need to?
Have several different companies examine your system before you consider changing it. All companies must do a Manual J on you house. What this is a load calculation of your house - which direction is it facing, window sizes & thickness, insullation, people in house, electonics, etc. All this is put into a program and it properly szes the unit for your home - the days of rule of thumb are GONE!!!!

Your problem is not too uncommon, just fix it correctly before you spend alot of money in a new system. Look at the symptom to fix the problem! Don't chase ghosts - that is expensive and it does not fix the problem.

To Run One 1500Btu Air Conditioner Only On Solar?
In My School I Want To Put A Few Panels On The Flat Roof Outside My Room And Run An Air Conditioning Unit Off It. Teach Solar Power While Cooling Room. Can I Do This Easily?

Using solar panels to run an air conditioner is wasteful and expensive
Much larger capacity air conditioner can use solar energy more wisely and more efficiently by heating up the outside while cooling down the inside.

Air Force Developmental Engineering Officer?
I Am Currently A Sophomore Studying Biological Engineering. I Have Been Looking Into The Being An Engineering Officer In The Military After College, Hopefully A Developmental Engineer For The Air Force. I Was Wondering What Kind Of Requirements A Typical Applicant Would Have, As Well As Backgrounds And Specialties. I Was Originally Thinking About A Civil Engineering Officer For The Af, Army Or Navy, But I Don'T Think They Would Want To Train Someone Without A Background In Civil, Even If I Am An Engineering Student. Is A High Gpa Crucial For This Position? Or Are Leadership Roles And Extra Curriculars Jus As Important? I Go To A Top Ten Engineering School And My Gpa Is Decent So Far (3.1) But I Am Worried That I May Have Limited Myself With Biological Engineering Because It Is More Of An Interdisciplinary Engineering Degree (As Opposed To Mechanical, Electrical, Etc). Also, How Competitive Is The Entire Process In General? Any Other Advice Regarding Engineering Officer Positions In The U.S. Military Would Be Greatly Appreciated. I Can'T Help But Think That This Is What I Want To Do After College, As I Have Always Had An Interest In The Military And Think I Would Do Well In A Leadership Role. Like I Said, I Would Love To Do Civil Engineering In The Army Or Navy As Well, But Will They Even Consider Someone Without A Civil Background? The Reason Why I Landed On Developmental Was Because It Seems To Be More Of An Interdisciplinary, Management Type Position As Opposed To Civil/Construction, And Possibly More Feasible For Someone Like Me Majoring In Be. Any Thoughts And Advice Will Be Very Helpful, I'M Kind Of Lost Right- I Want To Take This Path And Think I Would Be Successful, I'M Just Not Sure About The Requirements And How I'D Match Up To The Other Applicants. Thank You Very Much For Your Time.

In the Air Force, your degree (and possibly your professional interest) would be better suited for Bioenvironmental Engineering. I'd recommend looking into that. But you asked about Developmental and Civil...

First off, there is a big difference between DEs and CEs. DEs sit in the air conditioning, leading corporations to build weapons, CEs sit in the desert, leading Airmen to build targets.

The USAF requires degrees (and sometimes specific degrees) for these engineering positions. I took a quick look and it seems like your degree would not qualify you for a civil engineering position in the USAF (don't take my word for it though). The other services do not require CE officers to have engineering degrees. Any ABET accredited degree will allow you to be a developmental engineer, but DEs develop weapon systems, so there is not a lot of use for bio engineering. The USAF is the only service that has entry-level positions in developmental engineering.

Also, there are a lot of positions in the military that don't require any specific degrees, I wouldn't rule out those. Think about what it is you want to do and try to make that work.

Will This Be Our Last Comfortable Year With Heat In Winter And Air Conditioning In Summer?
Epa Set To Announce Today New Regulations On Coal Plants That Is Expected To Lead To Plant Closures. “Ms. Jackson Said She Intended To Go Forward With New, Tougher Air- And Water-Quality Rules, Including Those That Address Climate Change, Despite Congressional Efforts To Override Her Authority And Even A White House Initiative To Weed Out Overly Burdensome Regulations. The First Of These New Rules Is Expected To Be Announced Thursday, Imposing Tighter Restrictions On Soot And Smog Emissions From Coal-Burning Power Plants In 31 States East Of The Rockies. The Regulation Is Expected To Lead To The Closing Of Several Older Plants And Will Require The Installation Of Scrubbers At Many Of Those That Remain In Operation.”(John M. Broder,“E.P.A. Chief Stands Firm As Tough Rules Loom,” The New York Times, 7/5/11) This Will Cause The Price Of Energy To Rise.

The night of my high school graduation, I bought gas for 23 cents per gallon. It has had the price raised to more than 10 times that for today and people still drive. Need and demand for higher wages has followed this along with higher prices for homes and other needs( just because you have more money). When other energy sources are restricted, the cost will likewise go up. You will still get your heat and light. Right now, what you can do is look into alternatives; portable propane heaters, arrays of batteries and a power inverter and solar panels, heavier clothes for the coming winters, evaporative coolers for summer, are just a few changes you can look at.

There are cleaner ways to burn coal and coal-fired plants can and will convert as necessary because they want to stay in business.

Is It Difficult To Replace An Air Conditioning Unit For My Home?
Am Trying To Save Some Money By Replacing My 1989 Package Air Conditioning Unit With A New One By Purchasing A New One And Replacing It Myself. It'S A Heat/Air Unit And Know Weight Is A Factor But Don'T Know About The Electrical Side Of It (Yes, It'S Electric). All Ductwork Is Ok, Might Change The Thermostat. Thanks If Anyone Knows The Difficulty Of Switching Out A Unit. Thanks

First of all, the amount of freon that comes pre-charged in the condensing unit is only sufficient for a certain length of copper pipe and takes only a certain amount of rise into consideration. There is no way anyone can tell you the precharge is satisfactory without knowing how long your copper lines are, how much they rise to your air handler or how many turns the lines make before they get there. I've installed hundreds of units and the odds are that the precharge is not going to be sufficient.

Additionally, 4 hours of vac time means absolutely nothing. You have to pull down to -30 on the compound gage and it has to stay there on its own while the vac pump is off. Not only does this ensure all moisture is removed from the system, but it also ensures moisture can't get back in.

My advice is that if you really want to save money, have someone who knows what they're doing do it. And not just anyone. Talk to their customers first.

Although the work itself isn't all that complicated, the knowledge of doing it right is complex enough that even people with a year or two of experience still do it wrong. It is possible to damage the compressor because of install mistakes. The odds are also very good that your system will be much less efficient, wasting energy and costing you heaps of money in the longhaul. You will void warrenties and you may have a hard time finding a service technician that will even touch it at that point, at least one that will charge anything close to a reasonable price.

You may end up spending $1000+ on top of your original investment simply because you didn't know one of the hundred, stupid little things an experienced tech knows when doing an install like this.

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